FPC Music Ministry

Our music groups includes The Chancel Choir, the The Centennial Band., Young Adult Music Ambassadors, Angelic Choir and the Divine Minds.  At FPC we are constantly developing talents in the music ministry.  As our Music Coordinator likes to put it, “just show up, let’s know your interest, and we will do the rest”.  We have experienced music professionals who are ready and willing to train and help you develop your talent to be used to Bless the Lord. Music practice starts at 5pm on Saturdays and we encourage you to come join us and be a Blessing.

Sunday School

Our Adult Sunday School is a Bible Study Session which starts at 10 am every Sunday.  We are currently studying the Epistle of James. We also have a Sunday School for Children of all age groups.  We have dedicated volunteer teachers who Bless the kids every Sunday with Biblical teachings of morality and the Salvation.

Prayer Warriors

We are commanded to pray without ceasing and intercede for one another. We are also commanded not to neglect the assembling together of believers, especially as the end of the world draws near.  Therefore at FPC, we encourage you to meet with us every day as we make time for conversations with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Please see our daily schedule or send us a prayer request by clicking here.

Back-To-School Backpacks

Every September, we continue in our tradition of supplying school bags and supplies to kids of low income families in our community.  We believe that taking care of the Spiritual needs of our neighbors should be our prime objective, but we also know that we are commanded to address their physical needs as well.  Therefore we are always looking out for opportunities to show that we care.  The ‘Back to School Backpacks’ program is just but one of them.

Ekhator School of Music

One of the most popular programs of the Ekhator School of Music, is the Piano Lessons for Beginners.  Tuition is free for all in the community.  We simply count on the Blessings of God through donations to keep the school going. Enrollment is done once a year in the Fall and it is on a ‘first-come-first serve’ basis.  Interested parents should please contact us for additional information. Every year students of the Ekhator School of Music come together to display their talents at The Annual Piano Recital which is second to none.  Join us each year and consider registering your kids for this free service to our community.

Annual Harvest

The Annual Harvest was instituted some twenty years ago.  It has since then become our main source of fundraising for the support of of programs and maintenance of our facilities.  It’s that time of the year, in October, where we invite friends and family members to join us as we thank the Lord through giving for all His Blessings.

Christmas Play

Come join us during the Christmas Season with a wonderful performance by our kids as they present the story of the Miraculous birth of Jesus Christ.  It’s usually done on Christmas Eve.

Community Outreach

We have began a partnership with Turning Point Community Services in Irvington to offer spiritual and material support to its residents who are mostly women and children.  Our support has been in kind and in cash as we seek to be our neighbor’s keeper.

The Divine Mind Praise Dancers

This group is all about Saying the mind of God and Delivering the Heaven’s intention for the Church, that’s how it got it’s name. “The Divine Mind” is simply “The Mind of God” It’s about God who is DIVINE.

Centennial Band 

Our Centennial Band Blesses us with Music from all walks of life.  Their Spirit -filled and uplifting music often led with vocals from or Praise & Worship team will always get you on your feet praising the Lord.